Stood with the view beneath the bridge

Cool push of the breeze in the barren brush

December river snaked around the ridge

Curving, edging in the once Summer lush

Sun, ensconced in clouds, is fading down

The shadows darken the river

December chill emits a suggestive sound

My meditation is all I give her

Here at years end, not a soul in sight

The gurgles and ripples of a river at peace

I intend to admire with all my might

Solemn lungs full of air slowly release

Something relaxing about an eternal life

The seasons to disregard

We, though, battle with love and strife

The beauty of being scarred

Car whizzes by on the bridge above

Back to life Iā€™m jarred.

I turned and walked back up the hill

The river goes on winding still