A smell can take you back


Standing on the porch, grown

Cracked concrete steps, daughter playing at the foot, unaware

And there, deep inhalation – woodfire smoke

But distant

Childhood memory floods back

But is hazy, too far gone

Nostalgia is the most bittersweet hangover

Recall the days when time passed with careless relaxation

Childhood boredom in all its eviscerating beauty

When the air was fresh and we watched the birds float and trees sway

No interest in the passage of time, when mindfulness meditation was easy

When we didn’t know any better

When we were unconcerned

When everything meant everything and meant nothing

And we didn’t worry about it

Woodfire smoke

The sting of the cool air didn’t bother us

Mother’s voice floating on the air

Sun setting, dinner is ready soon

Just one day in an eternity of endless moments

Strung together on a wistful but ignorant mind

Before the weight of adulthood came crashing in on the sclerotic wave of time

She plays with twigs and grass at the bottom of the porch

The water stings behind my eyes

“Breathe in deeply,” I tell her

You’ll remember