Politics in America have become quite the subject in recent years, with stories of (or increasing) polarization dominating all headlines as algorithms continue to pick our news. What they do not pick (yet, we hope) is how we choose to think about these things. Today, Matt and Brannon sit down with Brian Grant, an individual with a similar mindset to our own, as we discuss the state of politics in America. 

The Elevated Minds podcast is about raising the standard of conversation. Hosts Matthew Crocker and Brannon McConkey trade ideas in long-form discussion about many topics affecting the human condition. Politics, ethics, psychology, history, and culture are covered in an attempt to provide a holistic understanding of people.

Today's conversation comes with a message from our partner, Trifecta Business Strategies. They aim to be the catalyst that provides fuel to the fire of your vision and organization's mission. They provide business and political consultations, as leaders Bill Ponder and Stephen Groce are quite experienced in both of these arenas. Visit their website, trifectabusinessstrategies.com to discover how their 3 pillars of ideas, solutions, and success map on to your own mission.

Today's podcast clocks in at just over an hour and features original music developing with Acid Studio 10.0. If you'd like to download the original track, please send us an email via our contact page on ascentialists.com.