Occasionally events happen in the real world that we have to take a moment and discuss. For our first Current Events podcast of 2019, we talk about the government shutdown, presidential hopefuls, and the Mueller investigation.

Much has happened that is politically historical between the longest shutdown in American history, a black woman announcing her candidacy on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and a report suggesting the President of the United States suborned perjury. Brannon and I take a critical lens to these stories and cover a lot of ground while doing so.

We mentioned quite a few things in the podcast and even shared a few sound bytes. Here's a comprehensive list of everything we covered:

- The infamous tweet wherein Mr. Trump denied having made a deal without the wall.

- A poll from AP News on the political messaging that works for either party.

Statement provided to The Hill regarding funding of the Mueller investigation during the shutdown.

- The now-infamous BuzzFeed article alleging Michael Cohen was instructed by the President to lie to Congress and the FBI.

- The incredibly-useful blog by security expert Marcy Wheeler.

- An article in the Atlantic on the immunity granted to Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg by the US Southern District of New York.

- The excellent daily Bulwark podcast, hosted by Charlie Sykes, featuring commentary by expert on Russian intelligence, Tom Nichols.

- An article that summarizes what Tom was talking about, published in USA Today.