Some exciting news!  Well for me, at least.  I’ve been developing a leadership class and thought “gosh, wouldn’t it be nice if someone could a) give this class themselves or b) have access to all of the great information in manual form to leave in their store?”  Its a long though to have, frankly, but it was a good one and so I’m developing what will be known as our core leadership series.

What’s in it? Well wouldn’t you like to know!  You would?  Oh… okay, then I’ll cave.

The idea behind the class is obviously that it can best be taught by someone who is intimately familiar with the concepts and that, of course, is a value-added service of having us work for you.  On the other hand, I’m based out of northern Nevada at the moment so realistically, this information is restricted to a very small swath of the map that I can actually service.  Hence, condensing it in such a way that it reads like a book and gives remote users the opportunity to utilize its information.  For free.

That last part won’t land me any timeshares in Greece but ultimately the free spread of information is what helps great ideas spread.  And if work is a place worth going to, you won’t need to spend much time there (or your company will provide the time for you).

Look for this to be put up on the site very soon!