After using some frankly kick-ass music for going on a year now (thanks, Kevin MacLeod!), I finally decided to make my own intro music.  Well, I say "make..."  If you've ever used music mixing software, that's what I did.  So I mixed my own music. If you're wondering who "DJ Mad Easy" is, it's a little play on my name, Matty Cee. Now a little bit about each track...

The Conversation Begins

The podcast does cover some fairly serious territory and it's new opening gambit is designed to highlight that fact.  "The Conversation Begins" has a decidedly calm tone but with a serious drumbeat that pushes the action forward. There's also an electronic "lung" that mimics the breath. It draws on my own experience with meditation and is meant to keep the listener grounded in the present moment.  Breathe in.  Breathe out. It begins with a short stutter to remind everyone that remembering to stay in the moment can be fairly elusive.

Coffee Break

Okay, I'm definitely taking a page out of the "Very Bad Wizards" playbook by including a short musical interlude. The difference being that Pizarro seems to mix something new for each one or at least includes some of his own stuff (that he has album-ized). If we're in a longer and more serious conversation, this track helps breaks the ice.  I dance to it, however short it is.  There's no clever methodology.  I like the feel-good guitar track and it's a great way to release some tension.

Convince Me

I enjoyed making this track and wanted it to mimic a conversation. There are two melodies at work that work in conjunction but vary in pace. They start together before each breaking apart and growing in intensity.  The piece finishes with a flourish as both interlocutors come together in a beautiful crescendo. In the end, we start differently, present our individual cases differently, but hope to arrive at the same place... the truth.  Convince Me is a fairly emotional track if you pay attention to the details.  I'm a big fan of it.