An exploration of the nature of who you are.

Are you the author of your thoughts?  Will you decide to listen to this episode?  What if I told you that I was not talking to you but the decision-maker that resides inside you?  You'd be at least slightly curious - but your curiosity is likely a result of something you have no control over.  Welcome to the bizarre, counter-intuitive world of determinism.

Visual Aids

The infamous "Trolley Problem" first introduced by Philippa Foot.  What do you do?


Get great music from Kevin McLeod at Incompetech.

The definition of a mountain (according to NatGeo)

Bob Doyle, the Information Philosopher, describing the Freedom Problem.

WikiPedia attacks indeterminism.  Knock yourself out.

Why damaging your prefrontal cortex is a bad idea.

A link to the neurological study on the Backfire Effect (Sam Harris contributing author)

The psychological warmth caused by physical warmth study.

That study that should freak you out about free will.