So this podcast was actually very important to me - as all matters of conflict in America are.  The opportunity to dig in (just scratching the surface) to crime statistics and have an adult conversation about an issue that both sides have good points to make was too much to pass up - despite my conclusion that this entire thing really was just a distraction by the president (I think the only person he takes orders from is Mitch McConnell).

So here are the links referenced.  If you're joining me from iTunes or your RSS streamer, welcome! 

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1) Online copy of the US Constitution (I encourage you to download a free app! Better than a pocket constitution!)

2) Case notes from 1988 Supreme Court Case involving school newspaper and free speech.

3) Notes on case law regarding obscenity and pornography.

4) Limits of first amendment protections in workplace.

5) Example of local laws that apply to employers (Washington State).

6) Jerry Jones did NOT threaten his team with being fired.  Instead he actually did something kinda classy at the Arizona monday night game.

7) Stats on wealth inequality.

8) One example of our frankly shit veteran's healthcare system.

9) One of Jordan Peterson's talks on PTSD and the psychological roadmap out of it (if you're dealing with PTSD - get to a clinical psychologist. It's worse than "rough").

10) Knock-On effects of the welfare system (My Brother's Keeper data).

11) CDC information on opioid epidemic.

12) One of my favorite employers - the Motley Fool - on medical bankruptcy.

13) A fantastic Atlantic article discussing the complexity of immigration.

14) Crime stats from Huffington Post and the Washington Post.

15) Bret Weinstein, Jordan Peterson, and Joe Rogan have one of the best conversations in the history of the world.

16) Crime trend in American (over 30 years).

17) Poverty rate in the United States and across the globe.

18) Sam Harris and Glenn C Loury discuss the impossible conversation of race in America.

19) As usual, music provided by Kevin MacLeod at and pix are amazing via  Both are royalty-free so you can use them commercially for nothing!  But seriously, donate.  They're immensely useful and quality sources.