Welcome to what will be the final episode of the Wandering Group podcast! Wait, what?! Nooooo! Fret not, young listener. This is not an end but a beginning...

The podcast is being re-branded and re-imagined and, frankly, branched out. I'll still be doing largely the same thing - it'll be me and Brannon talking - but we will be fine-tuning the format to include a few recurring themes. It won't take on a new level of cheese to go along with it (no cheesy sound effects introducing segments or anything), but I'll be putting new music together for it and we'll provide a sharper focus for our topics.

Those of you that visit the website to check out the episodes will have already been treated to the name "Elevated Minds," which is what we are calling the new version of our shared podcast. I'm sure I'll still be putting a solo episode up every now and then on the old podcast page. Links will be provided via the Facebook or Twitter pages, but there's also a subtle one embedded on the main page as well.  At the very least, I want to finish my "Being Human" series that has been so much fun to put together.

Okay, so for our last episode, Brannon and I chose to discuss a topic important to him though I also have some fairly strong feelings about and that is the concept of "deep learning." We look at this from a few different lenses and I give him pushback as a result of that but, as usual, another good conversation.